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Brand Portfolio

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ALGO-RITME - Natural Rhythms

ALGO-RITME produces spirulina sprinkles in a natural manner, with artisanal harvesting methods. Promoted by anyone who chooses quality and fair trade, ALGO-RITME aims to fight malnutrition in West-Africa and provide the most transparent, natural spirulina in mature markets. 

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YAKA - Taste of Africa

YAKA strives to use local Ghanaian ingredients to produce a range of tasty products. These include; Fruit spreads, Chili pastes, and various types of Honey. Yaka aims to bring African made quality food products to the international market to truly deliver the world a "Taste of Africa". 

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Respect - Happy Body Happy Soul

Respect is a plant-based food-supplement brand for the West-African market, aiming to innovate the sector by producing high quality, locally sourced food supplements for health-oriented people. 

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